IPR Build Runner looks into incorrect VCS module

I have Project1 with ipr build runner and project1.ipr file is in project1 CVS module.
Then I created Project2. The project2.ipr file is in project2 CVS module. I want to create ipr build runner for Project2 but when I do I get message:
"Cannot find IPR file in VCS: Unable to find project2.ipr in project Project1".

Now why it looks for the ipr file in Project1??? Is this bug or how can I get it working?

And yes I AM creating the build runner for the correct project (Project2), I double checked everything.

(TeamCity 2.0)

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So I can't save the ipr build runner when I specify the project2.ipr as path.

I found a workaround:

1) When creating ipr build runner specify absolute path to the ipr file, e.g. "C:\projects\project2\project2.ipr". The Save is possible now (buggy validator, it should not be possible).

2) Hit Run button in the runner page. It will fail anyway complaining that ipr file does not exist. More importantly the sources are checked out.

3) Go back to ipr build runner edit page and specify the correct path, e.g. project2.ipr. Save works now.

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I suppose you faced http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/TW-2458 bug. Please watch it.

Kind regards,

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That's right. Thanks.
There is still second bug with the validator though :)

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It looks the same problem.


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