Add jvm opts to windows service (and poor documentation)


I need to add the -Dsvnkit.http.methods=Basic,NTLM (if it works with TC2?) option.
I've installed Tomcat/TC2 as a service in windows. I can't find any script to reinstall the service with the added jvm-opts, only found the standard Tomcat one.

Found this in the docs:
If you want to edit TeamCity server service parameters, memory settings or system properties after the installation, run the command TeamCity/bin/tomcat5.exe //ES//TeamCity.

..but i can't get it to work.

Any help on this?

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Seems there was a typo in the documentation. Please run "tomcat5w.exe //ES//TeamCity". Note tomcat5w.exe, not tomcat5.exe

TeamCity uses Windows service wrapper provided by Tomcat. You can get more information on Tomcat Windows service here:

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