how can i install an agent via remote console?


this may be some stupid question. any blame accepted :)

how can i install an agent for temcity 2.1 via remote console/ssh on the same server machine teamcity runs on? due to different firewalls/policies client agents that require an open port are no option for me.

and is there a way to run the agent with java 1.4?

thanks for any hints :)


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Hi werner,

Build agent and TeamCity server communicate via XML-RPC and there is no way to avoid TCP communication between them.
To install separate build agent remotely you need to download and unpack archive from "Agents" page. More instructions available here:

There is no way to run build agent under java1.4. You can run java 1.4 builds, but agent itself should be run using java5.

Hope this helps,


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