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So I have Teamcity set up to build from a subversion repository. I have noticed a few odd things I am hoping that someone can help me with.

1) I have it set to build on a checkin. I read in the docs that this is supposed to check every 90 seconds to see if anything new is checked in. What is happening is that it will eventually rebuild based on the new code, but it takes a long time.

2) I think this problem is related to #1. When I check in new stuff to the repository and then go and manually run the build, the new stuff is not showing up. I try doing it from a clean source and all that, but the new stuff is not represented in the build.

So basically I think the overall problem has something to do with how the code is being checked out from SVN, and I am just not sure where to look to adjust this.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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OK I found the answer in this thread

The problem was the SVN server time was not set correctly, this was causing the changes to not show up.



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