What's red and sends e-mail?

TeamCity ;)
That's the joke in our company... if that is a bit too close to the bone
to make you smile, then maybe you need to vote for
The idea is to be able to mark tests (or builds) as "Ignored". This is
useful if you have tests that you know are going to fail for the next
few hours (or days) (perhaps it takes you a long time to regenerate a
test baseline?). I suppose that this would mostly be useful for
higher-level functional tests where you can't just do a quick code fix,
rather than quick unit tests.

It looks like with the notification enhancements we're getting in
Benares the joke is going to be "what's red and doesn't send e-mail",
but vote for
and we can make false-positives a thing of the past! Your vote can make
a difference!

(Sorry, we just had elections here in France so I guess I've got voting

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By the way, Ignored tests would still run on TeamCity to check that they
don't fail differently in the future, or to see the test output, so it's
different from just using the JUnit @Ignore annotation.



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