In the documentation, I see references to build-type, but I can't find where it's defined. Is it the same as BUILD_TYPE_ID? On the documentation page for obtaining artifacts it says:

  1. BUILD_TYPE_ID is a build configuration ID

  2. BUILD_NUMBER is a build number

  3. BUILD_ID is a build ID

Where are BUILD_TYPE_ID & BUILD_ID defined? Can they be user defined?

I would like to add some text to the email notifications that includes property values from the build. Is there a way to access property values in the email-config.xml file? Also, is there some way to remove the "#" character when is used in the email?

Is there a way to add a datetimestamp to the end of the build number format?

Thanks, Linda

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Hello Linda,

Build type and build configuration are synonyms.
Build_type_id is generated by TeamCity when build configuration is created.

Build_ID is internal TeamCity id of the build (where build number has format specified by the administrator).

You can create your own template macros for notifications by writing a server-side plugin:
and search for "Custom template processing".

Currently, there is no way to add datetimestamp to the end of build number format.



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