Can someone explain who gets notifications.

Using TeamCity 2.1.1:

We are finding that TeamCity's notifications are annoying because it seems to be overly aggressive in who it notifies. It appears that:

- If a project fails the first time, it will notify everyone since it cannot determine possible blame.
- If a project has a failure, anyone who makes a change after that point will start getting notified of failures even if there are no "new" failures for the run in which their change occurred. This doesn't stop until all tests run successfully again. This is really annoying with a lot of developers making changes and some failures taking many hours to correct.

So: Can anyone explain the rules by which Team City decides who to send notifications to?

Basically I am concerned developers are becoming numb to the email notifications because the majority are false alarms as their source change caused nothing "new" to fail. THIS DEFEATS THE WHOLE PURPOSE!

(sorry if this has been discussed before but I cannot find any docs or discussions on this topic)

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I think you have understood mostly correctly. Although I don't see what
you are seeing for the first failure (only correct devs are notified for
us), subsequent failures are notified to anybody who checks in. I deal
with it by filtering out any mail that doesn't have "new" in the header
... but see also



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