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I'd like to bring your attention to TeamCity blog, available at Recently it became more active than in previous days and you may find some useful information in it.

A question: are there any particular topics regarding TeamCity you'd like to read about? Or you probably want to share your experience of working with TeamCity? Please give your feedback - it is very important for us.

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Personally, i would love to see more examples on how to create custom plugins using the Open API.

creating build runners
creating build triggers
incorporating new web pages into the web ui. ( i.e. triggers, reports )

You have a great product, very intuitive to setup, but it's missing the documentation to allow developers to leverage it in their own custom/niche scenarios.




We're planning to provide an example IDEA project which will allow to develop a server-side plugin for TeamCity and it will contain several examples of code.
These examples will include setting up web extensions, various listeners etc.

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