TeamCity 3.0 Benares EAP, build 5725, is available

Here is the new TeamCity EAP release (build #5725) which introduces per-project user roles, new features and improvements.

The most notable new features include:
- per-project user roles
- post-build VCS labeling for CVS and Perforce
- Duplicates and Inspections runners support for Maven2 projects
- statistics charts improvements such as new single test duration chart available from the test view, Inspections/Duplicates counts graphs, showing charts not only for new builds, but also for builds already in the build history.

We are highly interested in your feedback on these features, particularly on statistics charts and how well current set of user roles suits your needs.
The release of TeamCity 3.0 is approaching so let us know your opinion now, when there is still a chance to adjust the approach or improve the implementation.

Read about the new features in the release notes at

Download the EAP at

Please do not forget to backup your TeamCity data before upgrading. You can find the instructions at

As always, your feedback is highly appreciated!

Happy building,
The JetBrains TeamCity Team

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It would be great if post-build labeling would be supported for Subversion as well.
Probably more and more projects are switching from the rather old CVS to its successor Subversion.

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You can watch/vote for/comment the issue:

Do you use Subversion labels actively? Since labels are just copies of the sources tree in SVN, their use seems limited, provided repository state can always be described by the revision (note that TeamCity provides the revision of sources used for each build).

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Quality Assurance Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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