[EAP 5725]: Build promotion/declaration? (execute event and notification)

What's the status of build promotion/declaration in Benares? Per TW-846, TW-920. Specially interested in the ability to auto-trigger execution of a custom or script BuildRunner to carry out appropriate steps associated with the promotion event and accompanying notifications.

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Despite the initial plans to address the feature in Benares, we finally decided to move it to later versions. I believe that this will allow to implement the feature in a more solid manner at the expense of delivering it later.

As a current workaround you may consider creating a special build configuration that will depend on artifacts of the "promoted" configuration and perform the required tasks. This approach will need some additional effort like specifying the promoted build number in artifact dependencies or build configuration properties, but otherwise should provide necessary means for "promoting".

Your comments regarding requirements and vision of the feature are welcome!

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Yegor Yarko
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JetBrains, Inc
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