Debugging notifications

I'm trying to test the improved notifications in TC 3.0, but I'm having
problems. I have set up one account with e-mail notifications for
"Builds with my changes" on "The build fails" and "Responsibility
changes". I have correctly set up "Email Notifier Settings" (Test
connection works) and my user's e-mail address is correct. But no
notifications seem to be sent.

I checked in the log file and the only messages from
EMailNotificatorConfig are "Loading configuration file" and "test
notification sent". How should I go about debugging this to find out
what I've done wrong?


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Do you see the changes on the My Changes page when logged in as the user with configured e-mail notification?
If yes, please try to receive at least some notification. e.g. by adding a notification for a "build start" of particular configuration and run the configuration.

Unfortunately, there is no debug logging available for the notifications.

E-mail notifier should add the following line into the teamcity-server.log:
INFO - - Email message with subject 'Build HelloWorld::Installers #661 failed ' sent to

It usually goes right after the lines indicating build finishing:
INFO - serverSide.impl.DBBuildHistory - End creating history entry for HelloWorld :: Installers 10653
INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - Finished 10653

If you do not have the message from EMailNotificator, it means notifier did not tried to send the message.

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Quality Assurance Engineer
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"

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That was it, thanks, the Subversion user name got forgotten in my upgrade.


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