Pinning and Branching story with TeamCity?

Is there a story on how to to pinning and branching using subversion and teamcity? We will need to do that as we role out stable releases and continue developement.

sorry for monopolizing the questions here. I am just trying to make an informed decision on what project management / continuous build env. to use.

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TeamCity does not have special branching support at the moment.

What we normally do with our TeamCity installation:
- pin the released build, add appropriate tags to it
- branch the sources in the version control as usual
- copy the build configuration or the whole project (if project has configurations like integration tests, slow tests, distribution - you'd want to copy the whole project; if there is only one build for the branch, a build configuration can be copied) You should also choose will the copy become a new trunk or branch. I'd suggest to use copy as a branch and leave the previous build configuration as the trunk: this way you get all the project's statistic in one place and branches have small number of builds in them.
- adjust the build numbers, VCS roots and other properties of the trunk version

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