Merge build projects from different servers?

We have a new location experimenting with the pro version of TeamCity,
while we're already running Enterprise version here. If they take to it,
is there any way to export their build projects from their server into
our enterprise server?

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If you need only the projects and build configurations, it's not very easy, but doable.
Here is the procedure:
- backup target server configuration (.BuildServer/config) :)
- locate the source server .BuildServer directory, the directories corresponding to the moving projects and copy the directories into the target server .BuildServer/config
- if you also need to transfer VCS roots of the projects, extract the corresponding roots from the vcs-roots.xml file (the roots can be located by their "id" that is referenced in project-config.xml as root-id attribute of vcs-entry-ref element), then add the nodes into target server's vcs-roots.xml Be careful not to break the XML structure.
- Now the hard part. Id's of the projects should not conflict with already existing projects and the same for the build configurations inside a project and for the VCS roots.
For the configuration and project ids, they are strings, so you can just edit them in XML adding some prefix to the existing Ids. VCS roots Ids are numbers, so just ensure the numbers of the copied roots are greater then any of the roots in the file.

Should work ;)

Please note that in this case only the configuration setting will be transferred (users, users' settings, build history and statistics will not)

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager
JetBrains, Inc
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