Feature Request "Stand alone tool to submit personal builds"

While I find the personal build/Pre-tested Commit integration in the supported IDE's a really nice feature those of us who don't do development in those supported IDE's are missing out on this feature which frankly really sucks. I do mostly database work and my source is sql scripts that contain stored procs,tables, views, and such. If you had a command line tool that could be used generically to submit personal builds that would open the doors to all of us. I mean isn't a build at the basic level first and foremost dependant on source code not on a IDE? I don't see why an IDE has to be a required piece of a personal build.

I am aware that nothing is as easy as hoped.



I now am now a new and happy owner of an IDEA licence. So I have been able to play more with how you submit personal builds from the editor. I must say if you just allowed that interface/tool to run outside the editor you would be all set as it works really well. Granted that's a business decision your sales folks would have to ponder I'm sure.



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