WATIN, Key Strokes Slow in some Text boxes using TextType Function

WATIN Test scripting using Visual Studio 2005
I notice that the TypeText method runs very slowly on some Text input boxes for the Same site and fires the full text string at others e.g. the following Code:


The above code works, but types in the Mobile number into a Webpage field “Enter phone Numer” at a slower pace than manual, i.e. as if it were sombody who never used a keyboard before.

Is there any way that the text to be typed can be typed much faster, i.e. speed up the TypeText function

We are using the script to populate applications in their 100s but if this is the speed of the script it will not prove to be of much benefit to those I am developing it for. There so many input text fields on the Web page, i.e. more than just the Phone Number field.........

I would appreciate any suggestions anyone may have

Thank you


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