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We are using TeamCity to build a .Net 3.5 solution which has dependancies assemblies installed as part of on the Microsoft SQL Server Compact Edition. At the moment our build is failing as we have not installed this component on the build server. Before doing so we thought we should reflect this dependancy in our build project in TeamCity.

How do we do this? Do we need to add Build Agent Requirements? If so how is this achieved



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Hello Anhony,

You're right, you should specify an agent requirement. To do this, go to agent requirements tab and specify a system property or environment variable which is set on the build agent with MS SQL Server installed. For instance, system property "".

After that, on each build agent which has the server installed, edit buidAgent/conf/ file and add line "" .

That's it. Your build configuration will be compatible only with build agents which have corresponding system property.

Hope this helps,


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