Eclipse Remote Run/Delayed Commit Requirements


I am currently on 3.1 EAP.

Please explain to me what TC expects on an Eclipse developer machine in order to get remote run and delayed commit to work properly.

One problem I am having is documented here:

I have also experienced that not all of my change set is being executed.
I have noticed that new test classes do not get run, but new tests in existing classes will run. I have read similar posts about this problem, but the indication was that this problem was solved.

Up to now I thought the remote runs ran fine, but the delayed commit failed. This whole time I was unaware that some code was not being executed. I can see the entries in the log file when the new files are being added and removed.

Please provide some guidance on this issue. I would be happy to provide any needed information.


PS: I am trying to promote this product within my team. It is a great product but I will admit that it is frustrating that this one key issue is holding me back. I am a little hesitant on releasing remote run to 12 - 15 developers, when it may fail silently.

Bamboo is now releasing distributed builds as already provided by Pulse. But IDE plugins and delayed commit push TeamCity ahead of the pack. I am rooting for TeamCity :)

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Just follow up about the two problems listed:

Thanks for confirming what we found:

The problem with some test classes not executing was my problem (with our build).
Please disregard my knee jerk comments on that subject :)


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