How does TeamCity deploy to servers?

I can compile all the code using TeamCity , but I don't see how I can package the code up and deploy it to multiple servers. Is this what agents are for? Do I need to have an agent running on every server to which I want to deploy something? Is there a beginners guide or quick start type of doc that I missed in my perusal of the docs?

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There is no starters guide yet, but we definitely need one. For now you can browse through to get acquainted.

Agents are the machines that perform the builds. You can create a build that will deploy your code into the servers. The build may use results of the main packaging build (you can use artifacts from the main build through artifact dependency).

If you cannot deploy remotely you may install a build agent on the server you want to deploy your code to and ensure no other builds (then the deployment ones) are not run on the agent (via agent's Compatible Configurations). However, if you can deploy remotely that would be a better way.

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