Ipr build runner causes Incompatible configurations

When I try to use the Ipr build runner the build queue says there are no compatible agents. I'm using the default agent. The Compatible Configurations tab shows:

Incompatible configurations (1)
Unmet requirements:

  • system.global.library.commons.collections.path exists

  • system.global.library.openjpa.path exists

  • system.global.library.commons.httpclient.path exists

  • system.global.library.activation.path exists

  • system.global.library.spring2.5.path exists

  • system.global.library.smtp.path exists

  • system.global.library.struts.path exists

  • system.global.library.wsdl4j.path exists

  • system.global.library.mindterm.nonexport.path exists

  • system.global.library.berkeley.db.je.path exists

  • system.global.library.jstl.path exists

  • system.global.library.ujac.path exists


What do I need to do to use Ipr?

thanks in advance,

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I think the problem was resolved in email discussions


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