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I'm evaluating TeamCity Professional and I'm wondering how I can do email notification of breaking changes without entering in everyone into TeamCity, as team members come and go. CruiseControl has the notion of an "LDAPMapper" which can look at the cvs login of a change committer and get the email address for that person and send out an email. Is this kind of functionality supported in TeamCity, or do I have to manually enter in every developer?


Every developer enters their own email adresses, IM addresses, and VCS account data. They also describe the set of events they want notified of, and how (e-mail, IM, system tray, IDE popup). TeamCity handles the mapping from there. Alternatively, you could create a fake user whose notification email is actually a mailing list and manage it that way.



There is no such feature. Please submit an issue to our tracker:

Pavel Sher


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