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Hi I have a quick question about the Overview Tab.

I'd like to know how the Overview Tab of a build knows what to display? Clearly in the Build Log tab, Important Messages is Standard Error and All Messages is Standard Out, but how does the select pieces of info make it to the Overview Tab?

Ideally I'd like for all messages from "Important Messages" to show up in the Overview Tab.

Here's the way my system works.

Nant Runner which is a wrapper into a Python Script which in turn calls a Visual Studio commandline build. I'd like to get the errors from the Visual Studio Commandline build to show up on the overview tab.

Is this possible?


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Hello Dave,

You can use special output commands to affect status line of the build on the overview tab. We name them "progress messages".
Please read more about this at http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/x/0Y8 .

Hope this helps,

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Possibly I misunderstood you. Do I understand correctly that your build has "Failure" status without additional information about failed tests or compilation errors? This is the only case when we show error messages from build log on the Overview Tab of the build.

If you want to see all Important messages on this tab, you can make a small hack:
1. locate file TeamCity/webapps/ROOT/buildLog/buildResultsDiv.jsp
2. Modify line 126. Instead of
<c:set var="errorMessages" value="${buildData.buildLog.errorMessages}"/>
<c:set var="errorMessages" value="${buildData.buildLog.defaultFilteredMessages}"/>

Hope this helps,


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