anybody having success with rakerunner?

I have been trying without success to have rakerunner work on our TeamCity server. The agent is not "compatible" with rake runner, and I have no idea why. So my project has a rake runner class that I could setup, but I cannot run it!


- Bernard Gallet -


Hi Bernard!

1. Look at Compatible agents tab of your rake build configuration. For each agent from Incompatible agents list TeamCity shows the reason of incompatibility.

Agent 007
Unmet requirements:
system.teamcity.ruby.interpreter.jruby.path exists

What is the reason in your case?

2. How do you setup settings of "Rake" runner in you build configuration? Have you specifid additional Agent requirements ? Please provide more information about configuration settings, I'm sure we can solve the problem!

P.S: You can also see all settings of our demo test project "TeamCity Rake Runner Demo" at may be it will help you.

Best regards,
Roman Chernyatchik


I have been able to make it run. I am not sure why, but I could not find the rakeRunnerPluginAgent in the plugins folder of the server. I did copy it, and this time it works like a charm,


- Bernard Gallet -


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