How do I: Build > Copy website > execute unit tests on the website

I need to have a build config that builds a solution that includes a website. I then need to execute mstests that will then use WatiN to hit the website that was just built. So far, it seems that I might not be able to do this with one build config.

-Can this be done in one config? If no, can you order multiple builds/how?
-Will I need to separate the test projects into a second solution?
-What is the best practice for copying the results of a build to an site into the source directory of an IIS firtual directory/or webroot. Artifacts from one build to another?


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Ok, I have this working...

-Set to run when code is checked into Subversion
-Pulls code from subversion
-Builds entire solution, and creates artifacts out of the website that I need to test against, and the tests that need to be run against it.
-I had issues, so I created a second test project in this solution, and have this config executing a test that never fails. I did this because I could not see how to have a BuildConfig that did not run any tests (how is that done).

-This config runs when the BuildConfig runs with a success
-Pulls code from subversion (don't really need this step, but did not see how to skip/disable it)
-Builds solution (again, don't need this step, but don't see how to skip/disable it)
-Coppies artifacts for website from BuildConfig into iis virtual directory.
-Coppies artifacts for dll's that have the MSTests, and runs them. (the tests with WatiN don't work yet, please see my other posts if you know how to make WatiN work with TeamCity)

This does not look like a best practice to me. Any suggestions?


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