Build Script Integration within a NUnit Test

Hi everybody,

I am trying to use the Build Script Integration from within a NUnit Test.

That is, I have a NUnit Test that iterates over a bunch of different scenarios.

Each Scenario is an actual test, for my situation. So I was trying to write out the ##teamcity... syntax to get each Scenario picked up as a discreet test.

But it doesn't work. I see all the output in the build log, but it is not pulled into TeamCity's "Tests" tab.

Does the Build Script Integration not work when the Console Standard Output comes from code running within a NUnit Test ?

I use the integration for other things, and it works like a champ, but not from within NUnit.

mark :)

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The problem is that TeamCity does not allows to log test's service messages inside the test. Could you please try as workaround to run tests using, say, NUnit console. Does you messages worked for that case?

The second issue to know is that all messages should start with /n.



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