Details on SetUp and Teardown test stuff

I use NUnit, specifically, but I'm pretty sure most test suites have similar concepts.

Is it possible to get details (maybe even pretty graphs?) on the various TearDown and SetUp test helpers? I do a bit of assembly wide setup and teardown, and particular fixtures use similar helpers. The NUnit runner appears to run them just fine, but I'd like to get a sense of how long they're taking, and when in the test order they run.


Actually, we have quite similar request for it at TeamCity reports only the tests that are reported to NUnit EventListener interface. I think it is possible to investidate weather NUnit provides that information for code clients.

What version on NUnit do you use?


I'm using 2.4.7, courtesy of a patch from your issue tracker.

I went ahead and voted for the issue. It looks like it covers basically what I want.


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