Can the IPR runner generate an EAR file for a JavaEE Application facet?

I have an IntelliJ IDEA (7.0) project that uses Web and JavaEE Application facets. The JavaEE facet is set to generate an EAR file in "Java EE Build Settings." I set up the project in an IPR build runner in TeamCity (3.1.1). When TeamCity runs the build it does not generate the EAR file for the JavaEE Application facet.

I can have IDEA generate an Ant build script and use the Ant build runner in TeamCity instead, but I was hoping to avoid that step.

Is there a setting that I am missing? Or is using the generated Ant script just the way to go for now?


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At the moment the only way to do this is to generate Ant script from IntelliJ IDEA. Feel free to submit a feature request to our JIRA:

Pavel Sher

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Thanks for your reply.

I found TW-2438 in JIRA and voted for it.


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