My Projects are GONE!

So, not a fun day. I come in this morning to find that sometime over the last 48 hours all of my projects are now missing from TC (I think this actually happened sometime yesterday, but I was out of the office). The artifacts from all but one project are also gone (most of these were set to never delete or delete after 2 successful builds).

Up until now, we have experienced no problems with our TC setup. We are running TC backed by an Oracle 10G database that seems as though it has had no problems. The project configuration files seem to be accurate and are present in the TC data directory 'config' folder under the proper project names.

Where do look to next to find out what happened or what to do? Please help!

Thanks, Ray

Edited by: Ray Navarette on May 8, 2008 7:46 PM

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What version of TeamCity do you use? Could you send us teamcity-server.log file?

Pavel Sher

Edited by: Pavel Sher (Jetbrains) on May 8, 2008 8:07 PM

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We are using TeamCity Enterprise Version 3.1.1 (build 6828)

Who do I send the log to?

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Logs sent. Additionally, here is the contents of my file:


I have also been told by my DBA that the max number of cursors available for this DB instance is 300.

Thanks again,

Edited by: Ray Navarette on May 8, 2008 8:53 PM

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Seems like this issue was caused, in part, by our having our TC data directory on a network location. In case anyone else may be doing the same or something similar, here are some details from my emails with Pavel Sher from JetBrains:


Server has detected that these configs disappeared. Since config files
do not reappear till the cleanup process time (03:00) these projects
were marked as deleted and all their data cleaned up.

It looks like you put .BuildServer to a network folder, since TeamCity
constantly monitors changes in project config files it is not a good
idea to use network share for configuration files. There is an issue
in our tracker for this problem:

In 3.1.1 we've added system property that disables monitoring of the
changed files (to disable monitoring you should launch TeamCity with
system property teamcity.configuration.checkInterval set to -1). In
the last EAP a better fix is available for such situation, please
refer to TW-4726 issue description for more details.

Thats great. I think my only question left then is, does this
effect all TC files, or just the project definition XML files?

This property affects project-config.xml files, main-config.xml,
vcs-roots.xml and roles-config.xml files.

Sorry for the many questions, I just want to be sure this is the
best course for us. Is there anything else that you know of that I
should take into consideration before making this change?

There are some settings (like custom graphs or custom tabs) that are
configured via config files only (we do not have UI for them yet). If
you disable config files checking you'll have to restart TeamCity in
order to add custom graph or custom tab to a build results.

Additionally, though I'm not sure if it will make that much of a difference, I've also moved my cleanup time to be a couple hours further away from our nightly backup kickoff time. Hopefully, this should solve our issues going forward.

Thanks for your help on this problem Pavel.


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In the first 4.0 EAP build we've included another related fix: TC will wait at least one day before actually removing data of deleted project. The time to wait is configurable.

Pavel Sher

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This is sort of similar to the problem that I reported which now seems to be issue TW-4726. My problem was that all build history (build results and artifacts) as well as most sandboxes (checked out source code) disappeared after upgrading from TeamCity 3.0.1 to TeamCity 3.1.1.


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