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Our project "Bridge" depends on an artifact "tunnel-2.1.jar" in a Nexus repository. "Bridge" is compiled by Maven2. "tunnel-2.1.jar" has been updated in the repository, still under the same version number. (I know, the version should've been updated, but not everyone is that conscientious). We want TeamCity to download the newer jar, but it doesn't seem to be doing so. Enforce clean checkout obtained new sources from Subversion, but does not seem to have helped with the jar. Any ideas?

Thank you.

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Sounds more like a Maven problem. If you use a Maven builder then Maven itself is responsible for updating its dependencies.
If you haven't changed the version of your library, there's no way Maven can know it has to update the library.
The machine on which TeamCity is installed has it's own Maven repository. This is where you should delete your Tunnel-2.1.jar in order to get the new version for the build.
But you better be conscientious on this one ;)

hope this help



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