Confusion over "run personal build"

hi - I've setup jetbrains on a server in the office and hooked it up to a test project on CVSDude- have created a test project and build which run fine in the webUI.
I now want to get my head around the visual studio plugin, so I logged the plugin in - that works fine. if i click "my changes" I can see my subversion commits I've made. fine.

problem is when I change the file I'm working on and click "run personal build" I have no files listed in the "changed files" section, so I can't run a personal build. shouldn't the file I've just edited by listed there?

so I'm a bit confused. Have I not configured something correctly? am I missing something?

thanks for your help!

Warren Miller

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Could you please open the tab called 'subversion'. There you have to check weather TeamCity VS plugin is able to detect SVN 1.4.* command line client.


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hi - that was it.


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I have created an issue for that at
please watch/vote for it.


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