Configuring a dependent build to fail if the depending build fails

Hi, I'm new to TeamCity and am trying to figure out if it is possible to configure a build to work in the following manner:

I have build A depend on build B. Build B is triggered and is successful. Build A is then triggered but fails. Is it possible to have build B's success dependent on the success of Build A?

What I'm trying to achieve is when using the pre-tested commit feature, if someone tries to check in code into B which causes A to fail, I don't want the code to actually be checked into SVN. Is this possible to achieve in some way?

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The scenario you described is not supported in TeamCity. Actually, changing build's status after the build finishing does not seem a good idea.

The relevant feature that will probably be included into TeamCity 4.0 is ability to run a set of builds in the scope of a single personal build (e.g. within a pre-tests commit), while the builds in the set all use the same sources version and can use each other's artifacts. This way a developer will have an ability to run build B and then A in the scope of a single personal build.

A related feature is to notify the developer that his changes might have broken the dependent build. You can vote/watch for it in our tracker:

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