How does teamcity support building C++? Incredibuild integration?


I will be in the process of investigating which CI framework to use for our team, and I am considering TeamCity as one of them because I'm impressed with what I've seen on the videos and heard from friends. Note that I haven't installed the trial version yet as I'd like some clarification on some points.

We have a mix of projects that are for the most part in VS 2005 and VS 2008:

1. C/C++
2. C++ CLI
3. C#

I know that TeamCity can use MSBuild or NAnt for C#, but how would you go about setting up C/C++ (CLI or not) builds, would it be through the command line runner? If so, what kind of visibility of the build do you lose by going with the command line runner? Any extra work required to hook the output of the builder (say it is VCBuild or Devenv or BuildConsole - see below)?

For C/C++ we use Incredibuild for distributed builds, can it be used by TeamCity? (I know you can distribute builds with TeamCity)

Can TeamCity be running on one machine, but the actual build happening on another machine? Basically have the machine with TeamCity be exclusively the 'coordinator'?

Thanks for the info


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