NUnit 2.5 and reports

Does anyone know how to get NUnit 2.5 to work either with the NAnt runner or generate reports via the command line runner? I can get NUnit 2.5 to work with the command line runner, but no reports. I cannot get 2.5 to work with the NAnt runner because it is not a supported version of NUnit. It doesn't look like TC 4 is going to support 2.5 either. :(


Actually, there is no strong requirements to run the tests using exactly the same version of runner as nunit.framework.dll. Is that possible to run the tests using NUnit 2.4.7 runner? For doing this, please make sure there is nunit.framework.dll from NUnit 2.4.5 in the same folder as tests assemblies.

Does that works for you?


Sorry, I had just missred your post.
Please watch/vote for the issue to create support for NUnit 2.5 at



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