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I seem to be having some issues with test reporting via TC service messages. When I run the following ANT build file both test cases register as having passed. Any ideas why?

Also, what benefit do the testSuite* messages have in reporting? It didn't seem to group the tests at all, so it appears that using the testsuite name in the test name (as the documentation suggests) would be sufficient.




Hi Ray,

I had exactly the same issue. TeamCity does not pick up "echo" messages (at least version 3.1.1 doesn't). I ended up saving messages to a file and using "concat" Ant task. Read the following related post and issue:



Thanks Oleg...

It actually seems that TeamCity is picking up the messages properly though. I tried changing the 'echo' tasks to 'concat' and I get exactly the same behavior. All the tests register properly as running, however, those that I failed do not register as failed.

Anyone else? Please? :)




Sorry, I think I was unclear. TeamCity does pick up "echo" messages (they are in the build log), but does not interpret them correctly as far as marking the tests as failed.

I'll give you some more info, maybe it will help. I use JavaScript inside task to create a "concat" task, so this might be the difference from using ]]> directly. The syntax is more or less the following (I removed programmatic service message construction):


When I used "echo", I observed the same result as you of the build not marking the failed tests (but marking the build as failed). Now I get exactly what I was looking for (for example, "Tests failed: 2 (2 new), passed: 117", in the tray notifier and those 2 tests appear on the overview with stars). Hope this helps!



Oleg is right as to "echo" task: Currently it cannot be used to send service messages (addressed by ).

Please also note that the messages should start and end with a newline and should not be outputted in batches - only one at a time. (this one is addressed by )

If you still has problems with reporting tests, please note the exact lines you are using and what are the results of the build.

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