Clean and multiple VCS root issue

I've got a build configuration with two VCS roots. One VCS root points at a branch for a set of projects via a CVS ampersand module, the other at CVS HEAD for one project via an ampersand module. When I run a "clean" build, it checks out all the files from the first VCS root, then CLEANS the destination folder, then checks out all the files from the second VCS root. Not exactly what I'm trying to accomplish ... I'm trying to checkout out ALL of the projects form both VCS roots. This is with TeamCity 3.1.1 (build 6828).




What checkout mode do you use (it is specified on the VCS settings page)? Please take a look at this issue: could it be your case?

Pavel Sher


You can specify checkout directory for each root and it will works.


I'll check the issue and even the EAP to see if it is resolved. Thanks.


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