Pass parameter on forced build.

We are using a specific build configuration to do our .net clickonce deployments.
It has no build trigger (must be manually 'run') and a different numbering scheme.
It is really works great as it allows us to 'release' a version.

There is one NAnt parameter I wish to pass to the NAnt script, basically indicating if the clickonce deployment is a mandatory upgrade.
(it's a -D: parameter)

Ideally, I was hoping we could write a plugin which pops up a dialog with a checkbox when the run button is clicked (for that particular build).
The result of that dialog would perhaps then pass the extra nant args along. Or maybe two buttons on the grid, or a checkbox and a button on the grid...
Is any of this even possible with a plugin?

Or, is there another way this could be accomplished that I am missing?

Thanks in advance.


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Hello Scott,

In the latest TeamCity EAP build it is possible to specify additional parameters when hitting Run button.
Please take a look at release notes:

Will it fit your needs?


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Yes, that looks excellent and will definitely work.

Ideally, as an 'improvement',
when defining the parameter to redefine, I would like to designate the value as a boolean,
then the value textbox could become a checkbox which would pass true/false as the parameter value.




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