HowTo on building custom VCS plugins

Hi There,

we are testing out TeamCity 3 at the moment as a replacement to Cruisecontrol.Net. Our current SCM is Accurev, which at the present time TeamCity doesnt speak to.

We can perfrom a number of different commands via Nant and MSBUILD, however we would like to be able to firmly integrate Accurev into TeamCity. I have been reading, with interest, about creating a custom plug in to work with Accurev - but I seem to be missing something.

Are there any guides/FAQs/HowTo's that can let me get an understanding of how this all works?


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There is no such how to at the moment. However we hope to provide it in the near future. In TeamCity VCS plugin could checkout sources on server and on agent. At the moment server side checkout is a required and cannot be omited. Thus server side part of VCS plugin should be able to:
- provide current version according to settings specified in VCS root
- collect changes (from version to version)
- build patch (from version to version with help of our patch builder)

Agent side checkout is optional and usually it is simplier. All you need on the agent is to be able to update sources on specified version.

The main entry point for VCS plugins is: jetbrains.buildServer.vcs.VcsSupport.

Pavel Sher

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Thanks for the info Pavel. We have decided to use Nant for the time being to handle Accurev.


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