PLS HELP NEEDED: Errors on Full Upgrade from 3.0 to 3.1

Hi all.

Please I want to knw what it entails moving from 3.0 to 3.1. I have backed up my /.BuildServer folder and MySQL DB. Actually I installed a new copy of TC 3.1 on another machine and tried copying the config folder from 3.0 installation into the 3.1. It gave me errors when I launched TC. My grave fear is loosing settings and configurations for my projects. Pls can anyone advise??

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Hello Joseph,

In general, the upgrade process is described at .

What kind of errors do you get? Did you copy mysql jdbc driver to the new installation?
TeamCity is designed to provide upgrade without data loss, neither configuration nor builds information.

Kind regards,

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Thanks for replying. Now I have done the new installation after backing up. I have copied the mysql connector into the WEBINF/lib folder. I changed the parameters in the in the data directory to connect to my old database which i used for 3.0. After that I renamed the file to as the manual said. When I restart TC I get Apache tomcat 6.0.16 HTTP Status 404 - / Error Report. But when I rename the same file back to, TC becomes accessible.

Now that TC is empty, how can I get my projects and other configs from the database into TC 3.1?? Pls help cos I am at a dead end here.

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If you see empty projects setup - that means no upgrade has been done.
Your database setup should have been set in file (and this file should contain parameters from your original database). You should also specify teamcity data directory for the installation (for instance, using system property or TEAMCITY_DATA_PATH environment variable). TeamCity data path should point to .BuildServer directory of the previous installation (or to the copy of the directory).

If you get exceptions or error or something goes wrong, please take a look at TeamCity/log/teamcity-server.log file. If there are exceptions,
please post them here.

Please try to
1. retrieve a copy of .BuildServer from backup
2. retrieve a copy of the database
3. perform upgrade on these copies, specify DB in file and specify corresponding location of teamcity data path (.BuildServer).

Hope this helps,


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