CVS and IDEA Remote Run

I saw some posts related to this, but nothing that addresses the specific situation.

Should this configuration work with Remote Run from IDEA?
We have TeamCity setup to do triggered builds from CVS using a shared/teamcity-only user account. Each developer has an individual CVS account that they use to develop in IDEA. We want to use Pre-Tested Commits. Currently I get the following:

Can not find VCS root for the item '|common/src/' in the build configuration. Item was skipped.
Error while applying patch: No matched files found in personal change

TeamCity probably uses a VCS root more like:

Other relevant pieces of info:
-For this build configurations and VCS root, we use checkout rules to ensure our leading "common" module directory structure is maintained. We need it because our ant build script uses relative paths and assumes the directory structure is not stripped away, apparently the default checkout behavior. Do patches get applied before or after checkout rules?

-I don't know if it is related (I hoped it was), in Teamcity "My Settings & Tools", I set "Default for all of the CVS roots:" to be username "teamcity". Looks like the same error, but I hoped it would use that when trying to match up the VCS root to apply changes to.

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