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We branch a lot. We only need to build a branch 2-3 times then we merge it into the trunk (which was want an a scheduled build). We would LOVE to not have to create a new project and VCS to build each branch.

Is there a way to prompt for a variable that could be used to name a build and to put a value into the VCS checkout?

We want one project called: Branch-Build
When clicking run we want it to ask: Which Branch? $branchname$
VCS Root looks like this: svn://domain/rootproject/branches/$branchname$
Add a tag to the build of: $branchname$

Show tags of builds in the overview.html

We love TeamCity so far. It will save us so much time once it is implemented. We are trying to talk our manager into getting enterprise just to help support you guys.

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In the Calcutta we plan to allow specifying custom variables when build is started.
But your scenario, with dynamic VCS roots, looks much more complex.

One of the problems is that TeamCity collects changes from version control on the server-side, before the build is started.
It is done in order to:

- show changes between builds
- avoid full checkout on each build
- detect ownership of the changes and allow to send notifications only to committers since previous build

Why don't you reuse the same branch after the merge? That strategy would allow to have a limited number of working branches and a head trunk.


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We also would like to be able to use dynamic VCS roots based on the build#. The idea would be to make a build for QA based on the specific tag from an early DEV build. For a QA build, we would like to prompt the user for the build# they wish to build from, and do the checkout from that given tag.

If TeamCity 3.x does not support dynamic VCS at this time, is there a different strategy to accomplish the same thing?

The alternative of manually editing the checkout rules for the tag is possible, but obviously not preferred as it can be more error-prone.

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At least for subversion you could tag the branch you want to use for your build and use the tag in the checkout rule

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Yes, I can do that for sure. But was looking for a way to set a variable for the tag in the checkout rule so I don't have to edit the checkout rule for each QA build. A user prompt of some sort would populate that variable then.

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I've created an issue in our tracker:
Please vote for it, watch it and leave your comments.

Kind regards,

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Kir has filed the corresponding issue in our tracker:
That you can vote for/watch.

Please note that the only possible implementation of this feature will produce builds with no changes listed (only VCS settings/revision will be available for it). For the same reason, VCS triggering will not be available for these builds.

Best regards,

Yegor Yarko
Project Manager
JetBrains, Inc
"Develop with pleasure!"


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