Subversion with Client Certificate


we are using Subversion with Client Certificate Authentication.
Can you tell me how to configure the authentication type within a vcs connection. I couldn't find any options to do so.


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Probably this document will help: see section "Authenticating from IDE plugin with help of client certificate". To me it looks like you should configure client certificate in Java which is used to launch TeamCity server. No additional configuration should be required on VCS root level.

You can also enable SSL connection debug messages if you launch java with system property

Pavel Sher

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The problem has been resolved:
You need to change the ~/.subversion/servers file in order to use a client certificate. Here is an example configuration:

mygroup =

ssl-client-cert-file = /home/me/.mykeys/mykey.p12
ssl-client-cert-password = mypassword

Make sure that you use the correct "Configuration directory" in the "VCS Root" settings screen.
You also have to make sure that the domain of the "URL" is equal to the domain you specified in the servers file.

Other changes are not necessary.


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