Build on demand - request

Often you want your build to run as soon as possible, for example if you are on a deadline and you need that one last build. Or when your testing and you just want TC to run the build for you, instead of running through the checking for changes process etc etc. which often takes 20-30 min

What about some kind of a override button, as it's checking for changes, the user could just press, "Start build" or whatever you like to call the button, maybe it could be a configure option to activate / deactivate.

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I'm afraid that checking for changes is essential part of build process in TeamCity -
it allows to show changes which went into the build and to bound TeamCity build to particular version in VCS.

We'll have to fix the performance of "Checking for changes" stage though, and here we will need
details from you about VCS system used, number of VCS roots etc.


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In the next EAP there will be feature allowing you to start a build on a specific change list. If changes you want to include are already detected and are shown in the pending changes then you will be able to specify last change to include in the build and in this case changes checking process will be skipped.

Pavel Sher

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That sounds really good !


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