VS2008 Add-in Subversion settings

When attempting to setup subversion integration for the personal build functionality I am getting an error saying -

'Unable to use selected svn.exe from 'D:\Projects\DevEnv\Subversion\\bin\svn.exe'.

I am specifying an explicit path that points to svn.exe v1.5.0.31699. Any ideas?

This is the same version of svn that my server is using and I have a compatible version of TortoiseSvn working successfuly on the same dev box that is throwing the error.


Forgot to mention my TeamCity version is 3.1.1 (build 6828)


I am going to try the 3.1.2 release candidate as I suspect this may fix my problem.



Fixed my own problem.

If anyone is having trouble with Subversion 1.5 - then upgrading your TeamCity server to build 6874 should fix the problem.


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