Cannot connect to Team Foundation Server


I'm trying out Teamcity for the first time and it seems that I cannot connection to the TFS

It's at brain18:8080 (also tried the ip)

I can connection to TFS server from VS2008 on the same pc so it isn't a firewall setting I believe.

The problem is that the error message does not help me

Is there a way to diagnose this problem?

Kind Regards, Tom


I have the same problem.

Team City 3.1.1
TFS 2005

Currently we are running Cruise Control and it is not having this problem.

Any suggestions would be most welcome.



Same problem here...
I'm trying to connect to TFS from Teamcity and it gives me the error:

"TFS execution error"

Can anyone suggest a solution???


Hello shrutijani,

My problem was that I was installing on a 64bit machine. Is this the case to?

The support team from jetbrains send me a patch to solve it.

The upcomming 3.1.2 which will be released soon will solve this

Kind Regars, Tom Pester


My problem turned out to be that Team Explorer was not installed on the server.
Simple fix.

Thanks to the Yegor for helping out.



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