Why to pick TeamCity?

I'm interested in using TeamCity with my team mates.
How do you compare TeamCity with CruiseControl and Hudson (our two options right now)?
What is special about TeamCity?
And please be fair ;)

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I am not an expert in Hudson or Cruise control, but I will try to highlight some features.

I believe these are unique features of TeamCity:
- remote run / delayed commit (only Subversion is supported in Visual Studio and Eclipse, in IDEA the range of supported VCSs much wider)
- on the fly tests reporting (have not seen other CI tool with this feature)
- obtaining of a thread dump from a running build right in the web UI (useful when your build hangs)
- ability to configure build to take sources from several different VCSs (project core from Perforce, plugins from SVN)
- ability to map directory from VCS to another directory, directories exclusion

Other nicities:
- test first failed in / fixed in calculation
- test duration statistics
- view diff in a file from change list right in the web UI
- easy administration via web UI (compared to CruiseControl)
- flexible permissions model (in Enterprise version)
- agents maintenance features (auto upgrade, per day usage statistics)
- IDEA, Visual Studio and Eclipse plugins (view builds, changes failed tests, start remote run and so on)
- My changes view with status of your changes (both in IDE and on web)
- out of the box duplicate code and inspections analysis (with highlighting in IDEA)
- faster notifications when build starts to fail but is not finished yet
- artifact dependencies (artifacts of other build can be provided to your build)
- open in IDE right from the web
- reliable build stopping (some CI servers sometimes fail to stop build)
- hanging builds detection (with notification)
- estimates for a running build and for a build in queue (while build is in queue you can see estimated start and finish time as well as duration)
- checkout on server saves administration time because you do not need to install VCS client software on every agent
- AJAX dashboard with parts of the page auto refreshed when needed
- MS Windows tray notifier
- ability to publish artifacts in parallel while build is still running

Pavel Sher


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