Manually deleting builds and build cleanup

I can't find any way to delete an unwanted build manually. Is there a way?

We have lots of manually triggered build configurations for creating installers of various flavours (we might combine some of the builds once the custom build feature is available), but sometimes problem builds are created that just muddy the history and may cause people to accidentally use the wrong build. They also take up lots of disk space. The cleanup policy works in most cases, but not if, for example, someone accidentally triggers a new build for a configuration where you only want to keep the previous build (which is pinned) - the latest build is never deleted as far as I can tell, but in this case that's exactly the build I want to delete.

Additionally, I don't find the cleanup policy flexible enough. What we really need is:
More than x days old

'More than x days older that the last build' doesn't work for us very well, since if we generally want to keep builds for a month or two while testing is ongoing, but once testing is complete (say after 2 months), we want everything that hasn't been pinned to be cleaned up eventually (even, say, the 10 unpinned builds from the last 2 days of testing). Unfortunately, this involves changing the cleanup policy at the end to clean everything basically - we can't use a single cleanup policy throughout.

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