Cannot find build file by path specified in build


I have one particular build that can not seem to locate either a build.xml or pom.xml file that sits in the root directory of the project. I've confirmed the existence of the files by manually checking them out of CVS. In my current setup, I have 3 builds configured 2 of which are nearly identical with the exception being where in CVS the projects are located. Well, of the two identical projects, one works and the other is failing due to a missing build.xml file -- that's not really missing.

Unlike my working builds, the one in question does not appear to actually get checked out from CVS. For example, after turning on logging for CVS, the only CVS activity I see in the log is the following:

INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.AGENT - Getting sources...
DEBUG - ers.vcs.cvs.CvsCommandExecutor - CVS_AGENT: New cvs updater created
DEBUG - r.agent.impl.AgentLogProxyImpl - Later executor invocation

On the builds that work, I see CVS actually checking out files.

Any advice on trouble shooting this problem? I'm tweaking the log settings but have yet to get any insight into what might be causing the problem.

Oh, and in case it matters, the directory /mvn-repo is network attached storage.

TeamCity Enterprise 3.1.2 (build 6881)


: Checking for changes
: Clearing temporary directory: /mvn-repo/TeamCityBuildSpace/temp/buildTmp
: Checkout directory: /mvn-repo/TeamCityBuildSpace/work/e2ae4b87f19747b5
: Clean build enabled: removing old files from /mvn-repo/TeamCityBuildSpace/work/e2ae4b87f19747b5
: Updating project sources
: Clearing /mvn-repo/TeamCityBuildSpace/work/e2ae4b87f19747b5
: Checking /mvn-repo/TeamCityBuildSpace/work/e2ae4b87f19747b5 out from cvs
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/main
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/main/java
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/main/java/dft
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/main/java/dft/examples
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/test
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/test/java
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/test/java/dft
: cvs server: Updating e2ae4b87f19747b5/src/test/java/dft/examples
: Updating from cvs
: Cannot find build file by path specified in build configuration settings: '/mvn-repo/TeamCityBuildSpace/work/e2ae4b87f19747b5/build.xml' (absolute path on agent). Please check that specified path is correct.
: Build finished

Edited by: Robert Evans on Sep 4, 2008 7:47 PM

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Sorry for delay with answer.

What type of checkout do you use (on server or on agent)? Have you checked whether this file exists on the agent where build is running? Are there any checkout rules configured for this build configuration and VCS root?

Pavel Sher

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Checkout is done on the agent and there were no configuration rules. I updated the settings while I was writing this post thinking that maybe something with the config was wedged. Sure enough, it's work now.

Wish I could duplicated this error but since I can't, let's assume that the failure was mine. My human brain makes more mistakes than I care to admit. ;)

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I would suggest you to avoid using of network disk for the build checkout directory. Some of our users have similar problems with missed files when used network disk.

Pavel Sher

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Thanks for the heads up, Pavel.

I think my problem might also be related to a system clock that is many days out of sync.

Edited by: Robert Evans on Sep 9, 2008 12:19 AM


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