[7601] svn problems

After I've installed build 7601, I've lost all connectivity to my SVN
server...the first error that appears is a 'Handshake failed, received:
'';', and subsequently there appears a 'Too many open files in system'
error. I'm using svn+ssh and svnserver to connect with my repositories,
and it worked seamlessly before this installation...

Any ideas about what could be happening? I've had to disable TC in order
to access my repositories from my developer machines, as the poor svn
server fails to send files when asked by TortoiseSVN...:(

Many thanks,


I need everything; do you have it??

Pablo Montilla

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Hello Pablo,

Could you provide some more details on how to reproduce the problem?
I'd like to setup similar repository as you have with same connectivity type.
Something like a screen from your VCS root setup and details on your SVN server (version, access protocol) would help.



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