[EAP 7601] VCS change triggers doesn't appear to work?

I have set up my projects to be triggered when a file is checked into CVS, but nothing ever happens. I can change files and check them in, and wait forever with no rebuild occurring. If I look in the logs, I see something like the following:

INFO - jetbrains.buildServer.VCS - Collecting changes for MyLocalCVS; from version 2008/09/09 16:39:12 -0400; to version 2008/09/09 16:40:17 -0400; root=cvs-quiet-period=3

This happens every minute. Is this correct? It is looking for changes in the last minute. Should it not be checking for changes since the last build occurred?

Do I need to set up a rule? I thought by default it looked in all VCS roots if no rules are set (I have left them blank).

Thanks for any help.


Does the pending changes appear in the web UI? Do you have time synchronized between TeamCity server and your CVS repository?

Pavel Sher


]]> It is working today and now I can't seem to reproduce it. Weird. Time should not be an issue because both the TeamCity server and the CVS server are running locally for my tests. I must have been confused yesterday after staring at builds for too long... If it crops up again I'll file a bug.



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