Running on a 64-bit


we're looking to host TeamCity on a 64-bit VM.

Could a 64bit JVM be used, and is there anything special to add to TeamCity and Build agent configurations in order to do so?

Any issues in running TeamCity on a 64-bit VM (Windows Server 2008)?


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64 bit JVM can be used, but do you really need it? 64 bit JVM tend to consume more memory then 32 bit with the same application and other benefits are not clear. Please make sure to increase the memory available to the server (and probably the agent too) by increasing -Xmx JVM property at least by a factor of 1.5.

There is a known issue that under certain circumstances the agent that is run as service will exit if run under 64bit OS. e.g. this can happen on logoff from the user session.


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