Source code labelling after the build

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Looks like there is a design flaw within TeamCity handling of VCS labels. To me it looks like there is an assumption that labelling of the source code is really fast, so you can report build results before you actually put a label on source code.

In our setup we have huge ClearCase deployment which is used across the globe by many teams and it is actually quite slow. So even with medium sized project it takes significant time to put a lable on all elements within VCS.

Is it possible to configure a build so it will not report success until TeamCity puts a label on all elements within VCS?

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Sorry for the delay in replying.

Actually, this asynchronous approach was implemented on purpose with the idea that labeling is not usually a critical operation for a build and in many use cases it's more vital to get the build finished soon and then apply a label.

I guess that if the labeling is a vital step in the build, one of the viable approaches is to perform the labeling from the build script itself.

BTW, why is it important in your case to label the sources within the build?


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